Prive Building Movers Ltd. takes care of all necessary permits.


Prive Building Movers Ltd. carries both cargo and liability insurance that will cover your building while being loaded, during transit, and while being unloaded.

Commercial Structures

We specialize in moving both residential and commercial structures. We have experience with moving school gyms and portables, rail cars, 50’-60’ wide shops, quonsets, annexes, etc.

Contents and Cosmetics

Our insurance does not cover contents, therefore, the owner is responsible for content insurance if desired.

Normal damages which may occur, and are considered to be ‘cosmetic’, are not included in our insurance coverage. This includes drywall stress cracks in corners and over windows and doorways, etc. These are normal and expected damages, which may or may not occur, however, there will be no structural damage to your building as a result of the move.

Residential Projects

We offer many years of experience in moving both residential and commercial structures for our customers.

  • For cost-effectiveness, such as saving on power line costs, we can haul two buildings at once.
  • We are able to load houses c/w wood basements, attached garages, etc.
  • We supply temporary home and structural removal to accommodate new basements or footings.
  • We move character homes of all shapes and sizes.

Building Preparation

Buildings need to be prepared for moving ie: plumbing, heating, and electrical disconnections; removal of interior basement walls; removal of steps, trees, etc. which may be a hindrance to the move. Discussion of preliminary work is necessary prior to any move. Preliminary work can be done by the owner or Prive Building Movers Ltd. can be hired to do necessary preparations.

Basements and Garages

Houses can be moved with wooden basements. We do not, however, move cement slabs.

Attached garages can be moved with the house, depending on the size and construction. If necessary, the garage can be separated from the house, moved separately, and be re-attached.

New Sites and Foundations

New sites must have proper access.

Cement basements need to be back-filled. Wooden basements need to be partially back-filled and braced.

Basements may need beam pockets, put in during construction, for proper beam placement.


Over the years we have acquired a lot of hauling equipment to aid in our moves: Mack trucks, skid steer, knuckle crane, steering and air-ride dollies, power bunks, hydraulic jacking system, etc.

Our trucks and trailers are inspected, annually, to ensure they meet all safety regulations.